8/4/19 - Smoothboi Ezra: Ireland's Bedroom Pop Prodigy - cantxnot.com

Imagine frantically running in the rain to a nearby Starbucks after work, trying to quickly set up for an interview. Now travel the entire span of the North Atlantic ocean and add a whole five hours to find Ezra Williams (they/them), a 17 year old artist based in Wicklow, Ireland, patiently waiting for my call. It’s this patience for my delay that introduced me to the mature character and warm voice of Smoothboi Ezra.

Ezra grew up in a household of music enthusiasts and has been singing since childhood. A self-taught legend, they know how to play the piano, guitar, and ukulele by their own curious effort. It’s the beautiful melodies composed by these instruments that highlight the simple honesty of their lyrics. 

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